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Architect, computational designer, digital explorer, researcher and passionately curious. By having a non-linear approach to architecture my design naturally emerges through parametric investigation of form, focused on a deep conversation between two components: computational approach and technological behavior. The investigation in science and innovation made me land in a new paradigm of design, sensitive and emotive. Experimentation in this design approach has opened a search into fashion through the use and implementation of a digital call, in a conscious wearable technology project. Is a prolific cooperation of technology and fashion without any predominance. Working close with companies, my aim is a collaboration between digital and analog in order to design something that fits the human need and lead to the augmentation of the human experience. My creative process is messy, imprecise and changeable. I do not have a roadmap to follow and every time I try different ways. I get bored easily and i need to experiment new things every day. The research behind each idea before any design, is the most important part of my project. Anyway one of the few constants in my creative process is the observation of Nature with its forms pure, elegant, simple and immortal. My interests vary into a wide range in order to satisfy the restless mind of an architect who over the years has developed a passion for the arts, ranging from photography to music, passing by painting. The passion for the travel made me experience an international study opportunity that introduced me to different cultures and many countries around the world.

I work best with communicative, open-minded colleagues and an espresso coffee machine around.



+ The design is the focus of this project and main rule of the game. The idea is to create jewelry representing a feeling, image, different emotion that arouses the desire to draw and

create it to make it eternal. To capture that moment, as in a photograph and take its essence. Make it wearable. Remember your dreams and make it part of our daily lives.