Wear it. Walk on it. FHeel it.

Fheel is a shoe that controls body temperature and interacts to weather changes.


When the temperature changes, the sensor sends an input into the circuit that heats or cools the foot that release warmness or coolness, depending on the need, in order to re-establish basal body temperature and ensure the maintenance of homeostasis.

FHeel is a wearable technology project based on the use of arduino’s technology and 3d printing design.

In a Golden State


The link between the body temperature and weather changes is a biological regulation of the human being called thermoregulation or homeostasis: literally means “same state” and it refers to the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady state, when the external environment is changed.                  The human body has a remarkable ability to adapt a great diversity of climates and as

warm-blooded being, it has a near constant body temperature. Thermoregulation is very important in humans as the body temperature must be maintained at around 37C. Through the hypothalamus the body tries to regulate its inner temperature to ensure its stability in response to the fluctuating influences of the environment and the weather in order to achieve homeostasis.


The extremes of body temperature can cause dehydration or heat stroke in high temperature cases and hypothermia in low temperatures, leading even to death if untreated.


The intention is to evoking thermal stimulations in order to create body thermal comfort in women that suffer from any kind of
temperature related disorders.


The three critical points/parts are the hypothalamus (located in the brain and connected with the nerve endings of the ears, nose and mouth), hands and feet. The choice to take care of the foot comes from a technical reason, since the Peltier cell, for the heating and cooling effect, can not be in direct contact with the skin; and for functional motivation in order not to burden the body with the weight of the circuit. Furthermore, the diffusion from the sole of the foot is more widespread and rapid.



A wearable project for us is not just a sterile application of technology into the world of fashion design. We start the design from the objective of improving people daily lives. In this case, with FHeel, the need was to maintain a state of homeostasis that would prevent the disease caused by weather changes. FHeel is made out three essential factors, for us necessary and basic in the definition of a wearable

tech project. Thermoregulation responds to the three fold goal of ‘health care / MEDICAL ISSUES, the SENSITIVE/EMOTIVE design and WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY; enabling interaction between design and appearance, as well as to solve specific problems related to diseases related with the weather changes.

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