Born in the same city they both travelled looking for something more. Years away from home, they never met until, backpackers, they decided to return home and right there to build on the experience gained. Rather than take the easy option of escape and hope for a better future abroad, against every bet they decided to invest here and create with their own hands their future. Put together with these aims could only meet and begin to experience together. That’s how is born the collaboration between Serrese e Zero Carati. Seemingly worlds apart. A shoes manufacturer, the other a jewelry maker. But the truth is that when is linked by common passions, ideas and project easly arise to give birth to something different.

Can a small feather hold you up?

Come and find out with plumage.



Plumage;is just the first experiment of a long series of projects. The idea was born from the desire to create something new. Leaving a mark and create something personal that could reinterpret the concept of the shoe. The opening to the 3D printed technology gives endless possibilities and freedom of design. It is not a simple shoe. Reinterprets the idea of the heel and re-design shapes. We’re used to thinking of the heel as something solid and strong that it can withstand the full weight of a woman. And instead we wanted to demolish any preconceptions and free the heel of every weight, giving lightness. Looking at it as feather instead of the heel destabilize any traditional concept. You don’t clearly understand as a feather can hold the entire shoe. The lightness is behind this project.


The heel has been realized thanks to the sls technology. Drew on rhino software, the file has been printed in new york, with shapeways. The sls machine gave us the possibility to reproduce the lightness of a feather and all his small and delicate edges.                                                                  

The material is polished nylon. The post editing process provides a resin reinforcement. A lacquered in white resin that allows strengthen the form.


Serrese is the result of experience, passion and love for the details of Stefania Lo Muzio, the soul of the company, everything at the service of the brides. In fact, the goal is to enhance the innate beauty of each woman with harmony, elegance and quality.

Serrese is a new and fresh project with old roots, in fact the passion for fashion and for the brides of Stefania start in Puglia, in the family’s atelier, where she acquired the tailoring knowledge, the fabrics and the embroidery knowledge, and most important of all skills: the customer proximity.

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