Zero Carati a new jewelry brand that define a daring style for high tech lovers.


Zero carati recall its italian heritage with a twist, projecting always to the future. The founder, a third generation of old-fashioned highly skilled goldsmith, loves challenges. Every jewel is the epitome of impeccable collaboration between handcrafted wisdom and 3d digital technology in order to break down any limit and satisfy every desire. From handmade to high tech the step is short. Past and Future meet. Each piece includes a close collaboration between these two apparently opposite worlds but in which is possible at Zero Carati. They dont simply coexist, they are borned from a prolific collaboration, one wouldnt exist without the other. The objective is to create the right balance between new and antique in order to evolve.








+Zero Carati doesn’t come from the mind of a designer just graduated from the most prestigious fashion school, nor by an expert contributor of a prestigious maison. Its conceptions comes from the mind of an architect. Does not belong to the canons of fashion and can only enrich the creative process of the brand. Thinks outside the box, involving a reinterpretation of traditional patterns to arrive into a new and very personal modus operandi. We are proud to say that our products are made in Italy.


+ The design is the focus of this project and main rule of the game. The idea is to create jewelry representing a feeling, image, different emotion that arouses the desire to draw and


create it to make it eternal. To capture that moment, as in a photograph and take its essence. Make it wearable. Remember your dreams and make it part of our daily lives.


+We use a different attempt each time, always focusing in materials. The purpose is to explore different materials and try countless configurations to be able to create something original that always makes it feel unique. Trying to understand what is the best way of expressing them, it opens the borders to endless possibilities and countless attempts. There is no a procedure to follow. each project has its own story. each idea needs its creative space. the mixture of arts and genres does blur the edges but it also makes it more interesting.


+ The goal is to define the style of a woman who wants to drive this new revolution of fashion and keeping up with the times without forgetting its roots. Each piece is made to be experienced by a contemporary woman, sure of herself, who love beauty and the attention to details. The choice is based on a relentless pursuit of style to enhance the beauty of every woman.

+ In addition to jewelry, Zero Carati design covers all the accessories that a woman needs to take care of her style. Zero Carati plus is in fact an initiative through which the brand is open to new collaborations and experiments with sophisticated and cutting-edge brands. The products range widely vary from a shoe to dress, passing by a bag. Zero Carati touch is recognized in the contribution of a 3d detail embedded into a traditional product that allows you to see it in a new light.



                                                                  THE FOUNDER

me  I am an architect, computational designer, digital explorer, researcher and passionately curious. By having a non-linear approach to architecture my design naturally emerges through parametric investigation of form, focused on a deep conversation between two components: computational approach and technological behavior. The investigation in science and innovation made me land in a new paradigm of design, sensitive and emotive.   I work best with communicative, open-minded colleagues and an espresso coffee machine around.


+ZERO CARATI- brand of jewelry handcrafted and 3D printed – born in Puglia from a great family tradition where Alessandra Antonetti – soul of the company – as a child learns to become passionate jewelery, design and fashion. Growing up, However, she moves away from the family jewelry business to pursued her studies in architecture. The knowledge of the parametric design Has enabled her to expand her awareness and enrich the traditional techniques with a new technology point of view. This has created the perfect combination that distinguishes Zero Carati, balancing beautifully crafted labor and 3D production. Zero carati is online and you can be in touch with us following zero carati on facebook, pinterest, tumblr e instagram.


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