Fashnology goal is to interact, research and create new wearable technology in a fun and unconventional way that has a balance between handcraft and digital resources, function and aesthetics, traditional means and technology.

Fashnology is an institution for the research, creation and promotion of projects related to extending new senses and perceptions by applying technology to the human body.

MANIFESTO-smallFounded by Alessandra Antonetti and Emily Sato. Is based in Italy and UK.

We are son of the new DIY generation, we are makers that in this time of crisis build on machines to fabricate our own dreams, inventing our work every day.

We are makers that collaborate with artisans and fablabs to fulfill every need and desire of the people. The network of our makers and collaborators is scattered all around from Seattle, to shanghai passing by Barcelona and Norway. This international aspect gives us the possibility to open up and keep exploring in every direction having an open window on the world that makes us feel close to all our clients. Sparking an ongoing conversation and lead to the augmentation of the human experience.

Our desire is a technology that fits the needs of humans, rather than devices that we have to adapt around. FASHNOLOGY Is an opportunity not to change our daily practices, but rather enhance them. we want to make a difference-create thing that change peoples lives.

Fashion and technology, two worlds that some might say have been historically at odds.

And that also if lately they started to interact we have witnessed a takeover of a discipline over the other, rather than to a true prolific cooperation. And mostly was a predominance of technology on fashion.

But the WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY in which we believe isn’t only about digital. We recognized the value in leaving the fashion to the designers, artisans and manufacturing. And to those people we pull alongside this new generation of makers in a way that fashion can become smart and functional, to be successful and make a difference. Cause taken separately each of these collaborations would potentially signal the start of something, but collectively it just might suggest that wearables will not only technologically improve our lives but spruce our style up as well. And while the current iteration of these products has been said to favor function over form we believe is time that tide may be beginning to turn.

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