5 ottobre 2014

is all about wearable technology

how life can be easier shared with someone different.                                                                           Think different, project betrer.                                                                                                                  An architect /+// A designer together.


° italian

° london

° designer

° 24

° giulia

alessandra °

28 °

architect °

italy °

italian °


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Our desire is a technology that fits the needs of humans, rather than devices that we have to adapt around. We believe in the opportunity not to change our daily practices, but rather enhance them. we want to make a difference-create thing that change peoples lives.

Fashion and technology, two worlds that some might say have been historically at odds.

And that also if lately they started to interact we have witnessed a takeover of a discipline over the other, rather than to a true prolific cooperation. And mostly was a predominance of technology on fashion


wearable technology

A wearable project for us is not just a sterile application of technology into the world of fashion design. We start the design from the objective of improving people daily lives. In this case, with FHeel, the need was to maintain a state of homeostasis that would prevent the disease caused by weather changes. FHeel is made out three essential factors, for us necessary and basic in the definition of a wearable tech project. Thermoregulation responds to the three fold goal of ‘health care / MEDICAL ISSUES, the SENSITIVE/EMOTIVE design and WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY; enabling interaction between design and appearance, as well as to solve specific problems related to diseases related with the weather changes.

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