We challenge the fashion value chain: No stock. No overproduce. No mass production.


WonderLuk is the new online destination for unique, 3D-printed fashion accessories. Our striking jewellery and accessories are totally customisable, and 3D-printed to order in any of our sizes, colours and materials. We are the world’s premier 3D-printed fashion marketplace. WonderLuk brings together the most talented designers from around the globe, curating their most interesting pieces for our stunning collections. We offer a made-to-order service, designing bespoke 3D-printed jewellery and accessories. We love to create unique pieces for our customers who are after something particularly special.


In a Golden State

A destination for design & fashion lovers who are risk takers, who are in control of their lives, arts, families or businesses.                              They want to be treated as individuals, want to stand out, not blend in.

They enjoy things that are made exclusively for them, in the colour, material and size they want, and not what everybody else wants.                 This is the place you’re visiting now. This is WonderLuk.








We truly hope you enjoy your experience here and find something just for you!

Roberta Lucca 




We’re a little bit proud to be pioneers in what could possibly become the biggest revolution in the fashion industry for many decades to come.


/ We live in a world where people do more of the same to look and feel… the same.

/ But there are a few who want to stand out and don’t like to blend in.

/ People who care about how things are made, and where, and by whom.

/ They are different, special and wonderful.

/ They are people like you and WonderLuk is for them.

/ It’s a place where beautiful designs meet your imagination.

/ Where striking accessories exist because you want them to exist.

/ Where there is no overproduction or waste, just quality and care.

/ Where you create wonderful pieces that allow you to stand out.

/ We are creating this place.


All images are under copyright © Wonderluk

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